Ercol Windsor Sofa and Chairs

I spotted this little beauty on EBay last Autumn.  A cute little Ercol Windsor 2 seater settee – and two matching armchairs!

 As soon as I saw it I thought ‘summer house’ – perfect!

However, first problem – it was a few hundred miles away in a remote area in the North of Scotland.   Secondly and this is a biggy – no summerhouse!   

It was going for a song – probably because of the location so I bid and it was transported home by an antiques dealer who was delivering up that way, so then I stored it away all winter, waiting for the summerhouse to be built in the Spring.   You may have seen the summerhouse post so my little treasures now have a home.   

I decided to discard the back cushions altogether because they made the suite look a bit too homey.   

The base cushions are in good condition and so I just gave them a bit of ‘oomph’ with some polyester wadding and covered them in a steel grey cotton upholstery fabric, with piping in the same fabric.  


 The scatter cushions are covered in Prestigious Rowan fabric in mimosa and again, I added piping.   The wood was ligthtly sanded a to remove and scratches and then gives a couple of coats of clear Matt Ronseal.   

I am thrilled  with the result.   The pale wood, the size and proportions and fresh print fabric is just perfect in our little summerhouse.   

The lady from whom we purchased the suite had had it from the 60’s and had owned it from new.   I hope she would like what we’ve done with it.

I’ve seen many fabulous refurbished  Erocol pieces on the web and on Pinterest when I was onlooking for ideas. There are many, many creative and inspiring people giving new life to these classic pieces of furniture and I probably would never have attempted this project without seeing their ideas.    I’ve added a couple of ‘before’ photos just so’s you can see where we started out and hope you like how it all turned out.



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