Sunny Summer Yellow

V1241 Sheath Dress
V1241 Kay Unger Dress

I usually play very safe when it comes to colour – black and grey with the occasional navy and plenty of neutrals.  However, when I saw this fabric on online I just had to have it.



Ditto Fabrics Brighton have the most amazing range of dress fabrics and this is a Cotton Spandex mix – a graphic rose print in yellow/orange on a white background.


I used Vogue V1241, a design by Kay Unger, which is a fitted sheath dress with gathered side panels, front and back and a wrap bodice with pleat detail and  fully lined the dress with stretch satin crepe in white which gives the dress some added body and is very comfortable to wear.


This is a great pattern for fit, though the gathers take a some patience to get right.   Very flattering shape and easy to wear.   The spandex in the fabric I chose offered a little extra give when necessary.   I previously made this dress in pink linen which also worked really well.

We’re having an Indian Summer here in Scotland this week so the ‘sunshine dress’ should have an outing or two.


2 thoughts on “Sunny Summer Yellow”

  1. Hi, I think your dress looks fabulous. I’m making the same dress but having trouble with the neck gaping. Have you any suggestions or didn’t you have a problem with it? Thank you in anticipation.
    Wendy x

    1. Hi Wendy. Thank you for your lovely comment. I have had a problem with ‘gaping’ at the front. I previously made this dress in linen and it was the same. To keep it decent I came up with a solution that involves about 10 minutes of careful hand stitching. On the outside where the fabric crosses over diagonally at the bust I invisibly stitched the top layer to the bottom. I used very small 1/2 cm stitches, sliding the needle between the top of the fabric and lining right at the very edge of the piece and then slipping the needle through the bottom layer of fabric all the way from the under bust seam to the crossover point. This keeps the neck closed at the bust but you still see the lovely crossover effect and no stitches. Try this and I hope it works. Would love to see your dress when it’s finished. Ann x

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