Summer in the Garden

It’s great being on school holidays – especially at my age!   I love the garden – well not working in it really, but sitting in it on a sunny day is just lovely.   So far, this summer has not lived up to the one we had last year in Scotland which was really sunny, warm and settled.   It’s 25C and sunny one day, then 15C and raining the next, but c’est la vie!

Rosa Memories

Rosa Memories

I’ve been pottering (or making a nuisance of myself) as I think my husband would put it.    We do have a lovely garden with a small pond and lots of interesting and pretty plants.

We also have a very tall and very boring conifer which has probably been growing for over 100 years.   This year I decided to brighten it up a bit with some very old and rotten wooden ladders (donated by my father-in-law) and some potted pinks, geraniums and osteospermum.    Hope you like it!

Vintage Plant Theatre!

I love roses and pinks or carnations and they are all particularly lovely this year.   These pinks have the most lovely scent.

Pretty Pinks!

I hope you are enjoying the summer and making the most of the long and sunny days.


4 thoughts on “Summer in the Garden”

    1. Thanks Ami. Summer arrives much later here than in London and the season is shorter. I hope to post more as the month progresses. Your garden looks fab too. I just love roses, especially scented varieties. Ann x

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I am just about to post an update on the garden as we were very lucky with our July weather here in Scotland and everything bloomed beautifully.

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