Holiday Fun

I have been so looking forward to a week off work – and so far it has been really lovely.   As usual I had my list of household tasks which had been put off for too long (cleaning cupboards etc.) and I really wanted to make a start on a dress I have been thinking about for ages using a Vogue Balmain 60’s pattern and some lovely vibrant blue fabric.    So what have I actually achieved so far?    This little guy!

Harris - My Pin Dog
Harris – My Pin Dog

Inspired by Heather Jack (Great British Sewing Bee Winner 2014) who was supported through every project by her faithful Pin Dog, I decided to attempt my own ‘Scotty’ version using some of the many offcuts and scraps of Harris Tweed I have accumulated over the years.

My Very Own Pin Dog
My Very Own Pin Dog

The pattern was a freebie from the internet x 200% and the body was constructed of Harris Tweed scraps in patchwork.   The lovely velvet ribbon bow was saved from a Links of London Christmas gift, received from my husband some years ago and it was so pretty I couldn’t bear to throw it out.

Harris now has pride of place on my sewing trolley!

Harris Making Sure I Keep my Sewing Tidy
Harris Making Sure I Keep my Sewing Tidy

Thank you Heather – for your inspiration.   You are such a worthy winner and you were so disbelieving that you had actually won!!!.



3 thoughts on “Holiday Fun”

  1. Hi Ami. Thank you. Actually he has been very useful throughout my latest project – which has been a bit of a disaster (Vogue Balmain Dress). He has listened to all my sweary words without a comment! Think I may just stick to making cute dogs in future. Hope all is good with you. x

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